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sarah0170 [userpic]


June 17th, 2005 (07:44 pm)


For ZAC go to:


For Taylor go to:


For Isaac go to:


How to vote:

- Click on STEM
- Fill in your emailaddress
- You will receive an e-mail and in the e-mail there is a link. You will have to click on it to get your vote registered .

(Remember you can vote for ALL 3 of them on the same day but only one vote per persoon per day!)

Make Zac person of the year! go to the site and VOTE!!!

Make Taylor person of the year!! Go to the site and VOTE!!!

Make Isaac person of the year! Go to the site and VOTE!!!

sarah0170 [userpic]

how to become me :D

June 16th, 2005 (08:39 pm)

How to make a sarah

3 parts competetiveness

5 parts silliness

5 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness

sarah0170 [userpic]

graduation :d

June 16th, 2005 (12:42 pm)

I got the call yesterday!

I was really nervous because I didn't know when they would call. I got up at 8:30AM and I was sick to the stomach already. I was looking on the net for my grades and I found out I was missing like 5 grades so I emailed the headmaster but I still didn't get a respond. :(

Anyways I was waiting and waiting and waiting and when I gave up hope and wasn't thinking about it my mentor called to tell my I graduated!!!! She said I was the first one she called and got to talk to personally because the others had their parents answering the phone hehe and I was the first one that didn't had to do any re-takes :D

I was soooo happy!!!!!!!!!

Anyways now I can relax, work, whatever I wanna do without worrying to too much hehe

Buh bye!

Oh wait these are my final grades! It's on a scale to 10.

individual and society: 6.0
methodical skills 7.0
social skills 7.0 (social skills)
organize skills 1: 7.0
professional and quality-care: 7.0
human, work, society: 7.0
English 2: 8.0 (English)
nursing 7.0
accompany SPW 3 7.0
child care 7.0

sarah0170 [userpic]

going to Antwerp

May 11th, 2005 (09:17 pm)

Well as you might know I went to Antwerp last Wednesday on Thursday. Well I woke up, cleaned my room before the housekeeper came and around 7:00AM I left our house on my way to the trainstation with 4 bags. 1 had my pillow, 1 had my sleepingbag, 1 bag for my purse, phone, discman and cd's and 1 bag for the make up, cloths, washhand and towels, pyjamas etc.

Anyways I had to go to my internship like that, so I was carrying all these bags with me and they wondered if I would go there for like a week. But no lol. Anyways I like working at the day care centre and I was happy that they asked me in my holiday (and I got a day extra off today lol) and I had fun there but I couldn't wait to go to Antwerp and see my friends there who I didn't see for a long long time. Anyways when I got at the station I was very happy because the train was actually on time. That never happens! But when I arrived in Zutphen, the train I had to take just left. So I jumped on another train to Arnhem where I bought my ticket to Belgium.

When I found the next train I jumped on and could sit for like 1 1/2 hours and then my butt started to hurt. In Roosendaal I had to take the train to Belgium but since that one was coming in 20 minutes I decided to get myself something to eat. (It was like 5:10PM by then) But I had to go to the bank first to get money and when I got out I wasn't feeling hungry at all so I didn't eat. When the train arrived to Antwerp I got worried I was wrong so I asked a lady where I should get off and she told me the next stop. I got to talk to the persons in the train. They were really nice. Anyways around 5:30 Lin and Lies picked me up at the station there. I didn't know where to go and I was smoking outside but when I turned around I already saw them coming. So we had to take the bus to Lin's place and then she showed me her house. The only thing i'm gonna say is WOAH!!!

I still had to eat and now everything went well we went to the cafeteria to get some french fries which tasted good. I think I am over my French Fries in Belgium Trauma. *when I was on Holiday in Belgium when I was a little kid I ate French Fries on 1 day and I got so sick of it*

Anyways around 8:15 we left the house to see some free concerts for Amnesty International. I was kinda exhausted and Lin and Lies both were kinda hyper. The concerts were okay! I enjoyed it! But when Lies and Lin both were getting tired I was getting hyper lol. That always happens with me. Anyways we went home around I don't know and Lin had to show us our dance but she didn't want to do it :(

We were ready for some sleep and I actually slept very well! I NEVER sleep the first night in a strange house. But this time I must be really exhausted since I slept so well.


I woke up at 9:00AM I think. And Lin was awake and I don't know if Lies slept or not but anyway not long after that she was awake too. We got dressed and cleaned the mess and then we went out to the bakery for some breakfast. I took 2 croissants and 1 bagel with chocolate.
When we got home I found out my bagel had melted so I could threw it away. Then Liesel called (the girl with who I went to Hanson) and we picked her up at the bus station. Then we took a bus to Lins house again. Lin baked some pancakes (which tasted yummie) and then when we were ready we headed of to the frostys. The frosty's are a Belgium band who plays Dutch and English songs and they are friends with Lin. It was really cool to finally see them perform ( I am on the boards there for a while and never got to see them so it was really cool) and then around 4:00PM we got a meet and greet picture with the leadsinger :D loooool. Then we went back and when we got home we went to the trainstation already since I had to leave around 6:30 and we had to eat and I had to get a trainticket. We ate some chinese food which tasted very good but my stomach couldn't handle it. lol. Anyways around 6:15 I bought a ticket and then we had to say goodbye. I always have a hard time saying goodbye to these girls since they mean a lot to me and we don't live close and I always enjoy my time with them. *And again sorry if I made too much Belgium'jokes'*
Anyways we really had to say goodbye and I hugged the girls for the second time, it was time for me to get in the train. It was loaded!!! Woah. Until Roosendaal everything went fine. But then between Roosendaal and Ettenleur there was someone who told the cops that there was a bomb somewhere. So we stopped around 7:15PM and they told us we had to go back from the police. And I was like noooooooo because then I might not come home. But they didn't drove back to Roosendaal but we stayed there in the middle of nowhere. And around 7:45PM they finally drove further to home. I got home around 10:20 and I was happy because it was cold.

sarah0170 [userpic]

timetable May 4th!

May 3rd, 2005 (02:04 pm)

13.07 ruurlo V
13. 27 zutphen A
13.28 zutphen V
13.51 arnhem A
14.22 arnhem V
16.06. roosendaal A
16.43 roosendaal V
17.19 antwerpen Centraal A

sarah0170 [userpic]

Life is boring and so am I

May 2nd, 2005 (08:19 pm)

current mood: crappy
current song: Dancing Queen

I wish I could give y'all an update about my o so boring life but hey, life is boring and so am I! thats my new motto.
I have to do some homework now and then I am off to bed again ;)


sarah0170 [userpic]


April 17th, 2005 (03:47 pm)

Ok let me tell you from the beginning


I left my house around 11:00 to walk to the train station. The train left on time so around 12:00 I was in Arnhem where I met up with Pam. We travelled together to Amsterdam. I didn't feel well at all and my throat was killing me. Anyways around 13:00 We arrived in Amsterdam. There we couldn't find the right exit but after walking around for like 15 minutes we got out. Fresh air! Lovely! Around 13:30 we met up with Niki. First we decided to go to their hostel and then grab some food.

After going to the tourist information helpdesk, yea we're not well known with Amsterdam you know, we headed of to the city. While walking there we past the sexmuseum where Pam and Niki both agreed to go to and I was like.... oooooooh okay......why not lol. Well we walked to the street where their hostel was but gosh that was a scary neighbourhood. We walked in the wrong direction and came across: sexshops, coffeeshops, 1 cafeteria, gaybars, gaycinema's. Then the police came and we asked if they knew where this hostel was. They said we walked in the wrong direction and sent us back. Then when we came across a coffeeshop there came this black man towards me, sniffing he asked me: ''cocaine? cocaine? xtc? xtc?''And I was like: '' No thank you'' and walked further. We finally found the hostel. My first impression was ''gosh I am glad I don't stay here'' It was scary, people smoked pot at the bar so it was smelly as well and the boys / men were looking at me like I was wearing some cloths of them. Anyways we went up to their room (they allowed me in as well for 10 minutes) and we chilled and talked a bit there. Then we headed to the Mc to grab some food. I only took a McFlurry since my throat was still killing me.

After that we went to the sexmuseum which was quite about.... sex.... yuk! It was disguisting! But it was fun as well. It was a good laugh for only E2.50!

After going to the sexmuseum we went to a cafe a la coyote ugly. Girls with ''sexy-ahum- cloths'' on, dancing on the bar and all these perverted guys who were watching them! We didn't stay in longer then 2 minutes haha. But fun as well! After that we went back to the train station to pick up Liesel.

We were standing there not knowing what she looked like (even though I've seen pictures of her) so I text her what we were wearing. As I send it a girl came up to us and there she was! Our one and only Liesel! Niki and Pam went back to their hostel to get some sleep and Liesel and I went to our hostel. So we took the tram. When we got out at Leidseplein we didn't know where to go. Liesel had the directions from the hostel so we had to cross a bridge and then turn left. So we did. But then walking by an ''office'' I saw it was the ''UITBUREAU'' We had to get membershiptickets for Paradiso so I got us 6. 2 for Liesel and me, 2 for Pam and Niki and 2 for Marty and Ullis. Then we asked where Paradiso was. The girl pointed us in a direction where there was everything but no Paradiso. Anyways we went to our hostel. When we got there, we checked in. We got a key for our room, a key and lock for our locker and a code to get in and out the hostel. Then we put everything away, lay down on bed for like 15 minutes (where my friend Liesje called me and she made me fall out of bed!) and we were out on the street again looking for Paradiso. The guy from the hostel helped us and this time we found it. We decided to get some French fries and then we headed back to our hostel to get some sleep since we planned to sit at Paradiso around 12:00 midnight. Liesel almost inmediatly fell asleep but I couldn't. I was turning around and almost fell out of bed again. I decided to go down, to the bar. I smoked some cigarettes and talked to a girl. Then I ordered a coke for 1 euro. Happy hour! I went upstairs again and Liesel was still asleep. Then my friend Lin called me which was really nice of her because I was getting a little bored. I already put on my make up, changed cloths, did my hair and went downstairs again and got on internet. I could go on msn so I talked with An and Lin and then it was like 11:15PM and I got to wake Liesel. Only when I got upstairs she was already awake and almost ready to go. So at 11:45PM we sat down at the venue and all this people came out of Paradiso. Then they closed to door.

APRIL 11TH, 12:00

Not long after that, 3 guys were coming from the side doors of Paradiso and saw us sitting there. They asked if we came for Hanson. I was like YEAH HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT! then a boy said he was working there and we looked like the typical fans that would sit and wait so early. Thanks very much, I had never done that before. Lol, anyways I lay down on the floor and pretend to be sleeping and Liesel was sitting. Then this man came by, stopped and watched if I was alive and asked us what we were doing there. We said that we were waiting for Hanson who would perform tomorrow evening. He was kinda... scary.. but still it was fun. Then Liesel and I both sat down there and waited... and waited... and then Lin called again. That was really cool. So I gave her Liesel too and then when I got my phone back Lin and I chatted for a while and then I was like...Hello...HELLO ARE YOU STILL HERE?? But no Lin. LOL, her card was empty.

Anyways I had to go to the bathroom around 1:30AM and I didn't wanna leave Liesel all alone but I had to go so badly so I said that if there was something she should call me inmediatly so I could return as soon as possible. So I went back to the hostel and around 1:45AM I came back and then Marcella, Pam, Stacey and Chloe arrived too. I was happy about that because I didn't feel very comfertable leaving Liesel all alone there. It is Amsterdam after all :P.

But it was really cool to see the twins, marcella and Chloe again! We chatted a bit and some of them tried to sleep haha. We waited for Eve to come but she didn't come so everyone got a little worried. But around 3:00AM she did arrive. It was pretty cold and everyone was covered in blankets and stuff. We made some promotion for Hanson during the night to some curious persons. Which was quite fun though.

Around 5:00AM I wanted some coffee but you couldn't get any coffee :( The Mc, BK everything was closed. So that was bummer. The night went over pretty fast I have to say.

Around 7:00AM 2 French girls joined us. I still don't know their name but I hope you two had a great time / meet and greet. Chloe must have been very happy since we spoke more Dutch than English and she couldnt understand a lot from it. Also Maartje came around this time. Later Niki and Pam came.

Around 9:00AM we could get some coffee somewhere so we took a dubble and it was niceeeee and warm! From then more and more people came to the venue. The sun started shining and we warmed a bit up. Around 10:00AM there was this tourbus driving by. We didn't know if this WAS the bus since no one was coming out.
I didn't give a care at that point lol. My throat was killing me and my coughing was getting worser. I got myself a sandwich. It was important to walk, stand or do something instead of sitting all the time on that hard ground because you couldn't sit or move if you sat down too long.

When Marty and Ullis showed up I called them so I could give them their membership tickets.

I don't remember a lot from the next hours since I was feeling so sick then. I was dizzy, tired, I just felt horrible. Around 12:30PM I decided to get some sleep since I didn't want to be dead when the concert started. I got at the hostel and fell asleep as soon as my nose hit the pillow. I made a deal with the other girls that they would send me a text message if I slept too long. But I slept only 50 minutes when I woke up. Gosh I felt a lot better but my throat was swollen. I took some water to make the pain go away but I couldn't help it that my voice was almost lost. I walked back to the venue and sat down again. I felt better but still not very awake hehe. I send my dad a text message I didn't feel very well before and he suggested to rest and that I shouldn't make myself very hyper because then the coughing started all over and I already had throw up that morning because of the coughing so..... That was not that nice but yea.. I could go back home for being sick or I could chill, enjoy as much as possible and stay calm. I decided to try the last option since I didn't want to miss Hanson when they were playing in Amsterdam!!!

Anyways I think I did fall asleep on Pam's shoulder again. Someone made a picture (GRR @ Marcella) lol but I havent seen it so phew. The last hours were probably the heaviest for me. I was getting more and more excited but I couldn't get since I didn't want to cough. In the que I met SaarHanson and Katootje. It was nice to meet some people from the boards. I also met Yvonne earlier that morning and pff I guess I did meet so much other people but I don't remember them all. Oh yea this Spanish girl I don't know the name of but I am like 80% sure she was the one in London where we held hands so people from behind didn't go to the front. And later on that day I met Chans, Nathalie and Lilly( who I didn't recognize, so sorry again hehe but don't dye your hair brown then lol ) but then I saw Chans and I recognized her of her glasses hehe :) It was nice to see them and I spoke with them for a some minutes. Then they had to leave with the meet and greeters and Nathalie and I talked a bit and then Lilly came to get her.


Around 7:20 they finally opened the doors. I walked / ran inside and got front row on Tays side. A meet and greeter was really nice and gave me her spot because she wanted to go to the back. Nice from her, nicer for me ;). Thanks again.

Right before the show started (they started with a delay because of some technical issues)I started hyperventilating. Gosh to those who never been through that... IT SUX! It feels like you don't get enough air and I had to yawn to get some extra air in my lungs. I did manage to breathe as normal as possible and I enjoyed the show.

I didn't sing along, scream along, jumped along, danced along. I only clapped and enjoyed the show in a different way.

They started with ''Optimistic.'' A song I didn't know but I do know I am loving it. The drums on that song are amazing! I loved it. Everyone was so enthousiastic. Both Hanson and the audience.

''Dancing in the wind'' is a lovely song. I first heard it at the London gig I think but its amazing.

I always dreamed of hearing ''a minute without you'' live. I was silently singing along from the inside! It's an amazing song!

''Where’s The Love'' was next on the list. Also a great song to listen to. I noticed some girls on the balcony made a dance at the chorus which I loved! Way to go girls!

Get Up & Go: 1 word, FANTASTIC!

Look At You: I never thought I would like this song. When I heard it on MON I thought it was okay but nothing more. But live there is so much energy at this song it makes me so enthousiastic!

Zac solo – Broken Angel: He sang so soft that he could get almost everyone quiet. Yikes.. goosebumps :) Lovely song, lovely performace, perfect. - sigh-

Ike solo – More Than Anything: Who would thought we would hear that song. Isaac at the piano is a 100% match! He's good! Woah

Ain’t No Sunshine (ITZ only): Also a nice song. I still don't know the lyrics but it's ok. Isaac has such an amazing voice :)

Underneath: I have to say, this ain't my favorite song but everytime I hear it live its amazing.

Believe: The song that made me cry! Yeah really, I am not lying. I was sniffing and I got teary eyes. Gosh I love that song! It was fantastic! It was really amazing! That song impressed me!

Hand In Hand: Was okay. I don't really get the song but it's ok to listen to.

Penny & Me: This was one of the favorite songs of the evening. People were sooo freaking out on this song! Really nice!

Hey: This was my favorite song live at the London gig. Because of the interaction they had with each other on stage and with us, the audience. Unfortunatly they didn't do the interaction with the audience this time but they HEY part sounded fantastic. Everyone shouted HEY and it kinda sounded hilarious.

Mmmbop: I don't have to say anything. All time favorite I think. Amazing song, the enthousiasm, the crowd was going crazy!!!

You Never Know: Good song. Not my favorite though but it sounded okay to me :)

Speechless: WOAAAAAAAAAAAH! GOOD ONE! I liked it. Kinda same story as look at you but amazing live!

If Only: We had to show how high we could jump. I didn't jump but everyone around me did. It was scary though haha I thought we would crack trough the floor. But we didn't! I was bouncing up and down though. It looked amazing when you started looking around you! Everyone had so much energy! Including Hanson on stage. They rocked! Nice song!

Lost Without Each Other: Another favorite. The ''Are you listening part'' is always the funniest part. Everybody is screaming that sentence from the bottom of their lungs. An amazing, energetic song! I LOVE IT!

Encore - Long Way To The Top: That was a good one. It sounded fantastic although I didn't know it. Again Zac on those drums = WOAH! The enthousiasm Hanson had (yea I keep repeating myself I am aware of that) that was so amazing.

Then Hanson said goodbye. Everyone was screaming for more. But the crew already came on stage and started cleaning the stage and breaking things off. Most people went away but some stayed. I was looking for someone I knew but I didn't see them. I was standing behind a group of people and a man was handing over some water bottles. I stood behind all those people but that man saw me and threw me Zac's bottle. Nice :) Now I've got a bottle from Isaac and Zac. Lol. What am I gonna do with it. Put it in a museum hehe.. :P No I think I throw them away. I don't even know where I left Isaacs bottle haha. But still I find it funny to have them. Now it seems like I'm this freaky fan. But don't worry. I am absolutely not a freaky fan :P


Anyways I walked outside and then I noticed again I couldn't breathe. (now the concert was over I was back in reality) and I didn't know what to do so I walked across the street, sat down and called my dad. He had to help me cuzz I totally paniced now. My dad called me back since I didn't had so much money and he tried to calm me down but I started crying and the pain wouldn't go away and I think there was this piece of disappointment that I couldn't / didn't sing along. But anyways. Dad told me to get something for my throat, suggested I bought an extra bottle of water and then went to bed.

Then Liesel came over and asked how I was doing. I was a little bit calmed down so I sat I didn't feel that well but I was doing fine. So we both walked to the tourbus and waited for Hanson to come out. I have to say some people just can't have respect for Hanson. They were banging on the bus, knowing on the windows, asking the busdriver?? something. No I don't like that. 1 girl stood on a pole and looked into their bus. Thats so rude. It's like climbing in a tree and look at someone in there bedroom. Yuk. That was not nice of that girl. Well my opinion. I just stood there. Isaac rushed into the bus and I said (as a joke) woah who the hell whas that? And this man said. Well we have Isaac and we have another look a like Isaac. (or something like that) and I was like... sure whatever.....

After waiting for a while we (Chans, Lilly, Nathalie, Liesel and me) went to the McDonalds because they were hungry and I wanted a McFlurry. It was nice to meet Chans, Lilly and Nathalie and I thought it was fun hanging out for like 15 minutes hehe. Then we walked back and Liesel and I went back to the hostel where I fell asleep as soon as my nose hit the pillow ( again )

I bet they = Hanson didn't think they would have so much Hansonfans in Holland. Ofcourse they're foreign people. But still the majority was Dutch. Even I was kinda suprised that there were SO MANY fans! I have to say I was impressed by the fans that were at Paradiso. I didn't get pushed at all!!!!!! (thank god cuzz I would have fainted then hehe), They were so enthousiastic! People got a long mostly.... (some of them should get kicked in the ass though) but the majority was cool!

I want to say thank you to Liesel (Liesje on the forums) for hanging out with me for 3 days. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for looking after me a bit.
I also want to say thank you to: Marcella, Stacey, Pam, Chloe and Eve for making the night who would last very long without there humor :) Thanks for all you're caring and help while I wasn't feeling very well!
Thanks to Pam and Niki for having a great time with you guys spending the first day in Amsterdam! You guys are crazy and I love to hang out with you next time! Thanks Pam for borrowing your shoulder ;)
Thanks to the 2 french girls I hope you had a great time here in Holland and I hope to see you again. Thanks to Yvon(ne) and her friend for their caring. I hope you had a great time in Holland as well!
SaarHanson! I hope you loved the show as much as I did. But seeing you being so enthousiastic I don't hesistate to believe you had an amazing time! Katootje, I was so happy you saw me and came up to me! Nice chatting with you! Hope you loved the show!
Chans, Lilly and Nathalie, it was great to meet you guys finally! I hope you enjoyed the meet and greet and the show! And it was nice that we could hang out for a little while after the show! Hope to see you around soon!
I also want to say thanks to Liesje (Liezie on the boards) and Lin for calling every now and then :) I appreciate it and I missed you guys but we could have contact at least... well not the entire day cuzz the batteries were empty :(

Then MANY Thanks to Hanson for a wonderfull evening which I loved and I hope they can come back to Holland again and do such a wonderfull show here again.

I hope I didn't forget any... If so.. thank you thank you thank you! I loved the show, the waiting was all worth it and I hope to see (most of) the people I met in A'dam again!

sarah0170 [userpic]

And I am back

March 28th, 2005 (12:06 pm)

I don't know what to doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I wanna go to Ireland or Scotland or London as an au pair. But how do you choose between those countries and place. London is just soooo fantastic. But I always wanted to go to Ireland :S And now Scotland seems nice to me as well :)

I made another web-log. It's called Sarahsadventure.web-log.nl and it's in Dutch for now. In 1 year I expect that it's gonna be in English. For now there is nothing important on it. Well what I wrote at the beginning of this journal lol. I don't know what to doooo

Anyways I have such a boring life that I can't just write about it. I am going to college, internship, work, have days off, talk on msn with my friends, eat, drink and sleep :)

sarah0170 [userpic]

hanson concert review

November 21st, 2004 (02:58 pm)

current mood: depressed
current song: hanson hanson hanson


The alarmclock went off around 8:00AM. We took a shower, did our make up and stuff and then we went down to the basement of our hotel to eat an english breakfast. It cost 4 pounds and I never do it again. I felt so sick afterwards. Anyway we went back to our room and around 10:30 we were at the venue. We had to wait till 7:00 PM. Well first we sat down, then we went out for a small walk, then we sat down again, waiting and talking with other fans, then I went to the bathroom in some cafe and got myself and my friend a hot chocolate. It was so cold outside so the hot chocolate was very welcome. Around 2:30PM my friend had to go to the bathroom and she brought some stuff from the Mac with her. We both weren’t very hungry. We were so excited about the evening. Meanwhile there were a couple of ‘’fights’’ with some girls about the time people arrive and what people should go inside first. Well I’ve decided to walk around the block because I was so cold and I talked with some other hansonfans. I started noticing my English went okay for my feeling. So I talked more and more and I wasn’t really shy. People had called the venue to put bars outside so that we could form a que. Well they wouldn’t do it now but they would do it later. Around 4:30PM they did put out bars and everyone got in the que. We were lucky to get a bit in front. Then we had to stand in line for almost 2,5 hours. It was horrible. People were pushing and trying to get in front of you. Some people gave us a hand so people couldn’t sneak forwards. Around 7:15PM the doors finally went open. Everybody stormed inside but the ‘’security’’ wanted to look in the bags. My bag is dark from the inside and I took 1 camera, wallet and some cookies with me and food wasn’t allowed but the girl who checked my bag didn’t see it. I ran inside and sat down on front row. We had to sit down for like an hour and everytime someone stood up the security girl came up to that person to tell him / her to sit down.
When we could stand up everyone started pushing me away because I was on front row. It was horrible. But I thought…I’ve been waiting so long now..and I am gonna see them in concert… not even in my own country(I flew in from Holland with 4 other people) so i can take it.

At 8.15pm the opening act, Sandra McCracken came on. The girl can absolutely sing but I wanted to see Hanson and not someone I didn’t know very well. She is like Jewel. Good voice but not my thing anymore. But I know she impressed a lot of girls because I heard a lot of girls talking about what an amazing voice she has..And she does have one.

Around 9:10PM Hanson came on stage. The crowd went crazy as they started with 'Strong Enough to Break' and everyone started pushing. I still can’t forget the moment tay was sitting on the piano (who was in front of me) and looking mad at the ‘’sound man’’ and pointing to Ike. I had to laugh about it hehe. And I can’t forget how close I was, the stage was really low so I was looking straight at them. I couldn’t sing along with a lot of songs since I didn’t had the new album (underneath) but I enjoined listening to everyone and looking at Hanson. Taylor did give people a small warning about the pushing and that the people in the back had to move a lil more backwards but he said it so softly no one really heard I think.

‘Rock n Roll Razorblade' which sounded fantastic was one of the songs I didn’t recognize while everyone on the forums was talking about that song. Then Isaac and Taylor left the stage and Zac
moved over to the piano for his solo 'The Walk'. Finally I had a chance to get some pictures from him!! (and no i didn’t used the flashlight because that was what the band was asking.
He did a awesome job, too bad the microphone was in his way so I couldn’t take any pictures of him drumming throughout the concert.. Then they continued with 'When You're gone. Runaway Run got everyone’s attention and everyone was screaming, yelling and singing along. It was awesome. Then underneath and I will come to you were performed GREAT. Then Taylor introduced Isaac for his solo, and left the stage Ike told the audience, that this was their first song ever sung in two languages, and the first time they had played it live, quite an honour for the fans who were coming from all over europe (holland, germany, spain, france, norway, sweden and england / ireland. ! He said he hoped his French was alright, and launched into 'Someone' which sounded great and got a huge round of applause. Taylor then came out and took his place on the piano for his solo, 'Crazy Beautiful'. That was one the many songs to I didn’t know.
The other guys then rejoined him on stage and introduced the next song as an old Bill Withers song 'Ain't No Sunshine'. I was thinking what the hell…I don’t know any song. And people were pushing me to the bars so I got crazy. I wanted to get out and have a good cry because of everything. I’ve been waiting for 7 years for this concert…and I didn’t know many songs, people were pushing me to death (never been on front row before), and I was happy and I had an intense moment of being thankful when I listened to Hanson who were giving me the evening of my life.
Next was one we all knew: 'Penny and Me' ( which I knew )and Taylor on guitar, then 'Deeper' which always sounds great.

'Hey' was the next song, That song did it. I don’t know what happened but I knew I’d be a fan forever. I love the way they ( = Hanson) interact with the audience, with eachother, giving everything they have!!! Then it was back to the beginning with 'Mmmbop', which always gets the biggest cheer of the night, everyone got up on their feet and waved their arms in the air except for poor Sarah who got stuck between the bars and the crowd. I didn’t care at the moment. 'You never know' was next, mummbled something because I was still impressed by the song ‘’Hey’’ and what impact ‘’mmmbop had’’ and then there was 'This Time Around' 'Lost without each other' was next and was definitely one of the best songs of the night. EVERONE (including Sarah) was singing along  It was awesome, it was magical and it was unbelievable. Hanson then said bye to everyone and left the stage, but we knew it wasn't the end yet as they hadn't said a proper goodbye. After a few minutes of screaming 'we want more', we got the encore. They ran onto the stage and Taylor jumped on top of the piano (wow), then they launched into 'A Song to Sing' which was so beautiful. Everyone was up, waving their arms in the air (ok Sarah couldn’t again) and when they finished we gave them a huge round of applause. (Sarah did that somehow) Hanson said their goodbyes, and went along the front row touching people's hands before leaving the stage. And I got this guitar thingie from Tay. I was so happy. I always thought I was the sober Dutch one. WELL FORGET IT. I am just as happy as everyone else who got something hand over from Hanson. There was a huge rush as everyone tried to leave at the same time; But I wanted to buy a t–shirt and poster and I got it. Then we got out and everyone was waiting for Hanson to come out but after 30 minutes we had enough of waiting and we went back to our hotel.

Looking back on the concert.

This was an great, awesome, new, funny, perfect concert. I’ve been to concerts from really ‘big’ artist like Robbie Williams and Pink but this one was just so great. I can’t say anything about positive stuff about Hanson and they’re performance. It was perfect the way it went. Little mistakes were made which were cool because that’ll prove that they are human too. I do hope in the future Hanson will, (whenever they see people are pushing so hard) tell people to back off a little bit more louder because I think most people will listen to Hanson sooner as to some other fan. I am so glad I went to their concert but afterwards I wasn’t happy anymore. My pictures turned out wrong, so no pictures from myself and I had some good ones I think  I lost my poster on my way home in Holland. And I wasn’t happy, just sad. It was over. 6 weeks before the concert I’ve decided to go to London for Hanson. The money and time we spend on it is so worth it. I can’t stop saying enough good things. I was thinking about going to the Koln concert but since Im debit I won’t. I am feeling a bit better now and that was a new experience too. The concert and Hanson had a hugh impact on me. More then I can imagine. I hope everyone at their next concerts THANK YOU HANSON FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE FOR ME IN THE PAST (YOU HAVE NO IDEA) AND FOR THIS EVENING. ~*Sarah*~
Here is the set list:

Strong enough to break
Where's the love
Rock and roll razorblade
The walk
When you're gone
I will come to you
Crazy beautiful
Ain't no sunshine
Penny and me
You never know
This time around
Lost without each other

Encore: Song to sing

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london, sarcastic piece

October 31st, 2004 (03:55 pm)

Dear Diary (sarcastic)

I am soooooo nervous about getting on the plane on thursday. Well I am even more scared that the Dutch Railway system is gonna fall out and I don't know that I have no idea of how to get to Schiphol in time :)

I am sooo looking forward of finally going to London and I have no idea what to expect. Is it better or worse than Amsterdam :)

And I finally gonna see Hanson...lol took me 7 years oh no 8...at least too long to get to see them live :)

Well thats it for now...

happy Halloween Diary...I'll give u a scary look now :P

don't let the ghosts / spirits get into you and read my deepest thoughts and desires :P


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September 18th, 2004 (07:12 pm)




sarah0170 [userpic]


September 5th, 2004 (02:26 pm)


I had a great weekend :D

My friend (Mieke) asked me if i wanted to go out this friday and I said are u going to the boulevard (dance/disco/bar thing)and i hate that kinda disco-thing because i am not a dancer....lol and she said no no o promise we won't go there so I said ok I'll go with you. She asked if i wanted to sleep over at her place and I said yea why not. so that evening I went to her and we started drinking smirnoff ice (2 glasses) and then we went to the pub.

First I had 1 coke. After that I thought I had energy for some heavy drinks haha .
I think I had 3 baileys there and 1 1/5 whiskey. After that we went to the pub across the one we were and I had 3 baileys and after that I felt tired. Not sick but really really really tired. It was only 1:00PM I think. After that I wanted another baileys but I was so tired I thought I had to take a coke or 3 to wake up again :) And it helped haha. so my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the boule :S I said no we made a deal that we were not going there. But after 5 minutes of trying to make me go I said oooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk *sigh*
And we went to the boule and my friend was dancing and I had fun watching around and not moving at all. How to make a fool out of urself...lol stand still in a disco haha. after 3 cokes *3 beers for my friend* we decided to go outside. We went to some place across the street..a harbor for party-ships haha...We just sat outside on a bench talking about some stuff for like an hour. Then we went home by bike. That was a lil dangerous with all the alcohol haha. Anyways when we got home we had breakfast (4:30AM) and after that we went to bed and we had a good laugh for nothing and eventually we fell asleep around 5:15AM until I woke us because I hit something and that made a noise from here till tokio.

anyways we got out of bed around 11:00AM and we had our lunch haha and then we decided to go to some market. but there was nothing and I was wearing shoes with heels and my friend was wearing shoes who were a lil bit broken haha.... anyways when we were walking back we decided to take of our shoes because we couldn't take one step without pain haha and we walked home on our socks. When we got to her home we had a drink and then decided to go to my friends sister place...on our socks again. The sister had a new cat who was 9 weeks I think and she was soooooooooooooooooooo cute...
Anyways around 3:30PM I went home and when I got home I told my mom I was almost drunk lol. What idiot tells her mom what she had been drinking and that she was almost drunk...well I did :S
I had to take a shower and wash my hair because I had a family dinner that evening. We were at the restaurant around 6:45PM and I had tomato-soup and spareribs *nice dirty hands haha* and a dame blanche...YUMMIE! everyone was there except for my cousin because she had to go to a model-agency to take a picture.

anyways I had a great time this weekend but now I need to rest...



till next time

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the worst teacher ever

September 2nd, 2004 (01:14 pm)

that is some teacher at my college :) man i am glad i don't have that teacher anymore this year.

ok this is what happened that made me so angry with him

in my first year i had to make a ''file'' and we had a presentation about it. I got a 6 for both BUT i had to make an extra assignment because i was 4 times too late in class (2 minutes because the bus didn't drive faster) anyways i made that assigment and i brought it to that teacher so he would give my 6 free (he ''froze'' the 6 until i had given him the assignment) but after the summervacation and i was in the second class my 6 was still not on my report card. so my mentor came up to me and said i had to re-take that stuff....and i said o no i already made an extra assignmentand i went up to that teacher and he didn't know from anything and i had to sign a re-take form and after hours of debating with him i got my self a re-take form....anyways for 5 months i asked my teacher the codes of the test and what i had to re-take (cuzz i made everything and i got a grade for it) and he didn't answer. and the first day of this year i wanted an asnwer because this year is my final year for child care so I have to do everything otherwise no diploma :S. but the teacher didn't give it so i decided i had enough of this guy and i went directly to the ''head''teacher/master'' and now he is gonna talk to the teacher what i have to do so i hope everything will turn out fine but i still think i have to do (an unfair) re-take :S

anyways that was what happened but what did sarah do when she got sick of that guy. after that fight this monday....we had an argue in the middle of the freshman college student :D i went to the headmaster and told him what happened. so he talked to the guy...and now i don't have to do that re-take and my 6 is coming on my next reportcard...

phew i can close that chapter of my o so boring life hehe

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i dunno what this is

July 25th, 2004 (04:57 pm)

[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? ::: Sarah
Birthplace ::: Sri Lanka
Age ::: 18
Age you act ::: Between the 0-23 years old :)
Current location ::: Holland
Eye color ::: Dark Brown
Hair color ::: originally black, now it's a mix of orange, normal red, purple, blonde, back-blue, dark red, another red, another orange, high lights etc etc
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? ::: left
Zodiac sign? ::: cancer
Height? ::: 1.65

[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality ::: till my 18th I had 2 (Sri Lanka and Dutch....and now I only Dutch :D
Your hair ::: black
Your fears ::: spiders, other bugs and flies etc
Your perfect room ::: large room with nice view
What you practically do in a day ::: work and or chatten / watching tv, writing, reading, smoking

[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse ::: Darn, LOL
Phrases you overuse ::: no problem, what does that mean? how old are you? what did i say yesterday :S
Your first thought when you wake up ::: damn it I have to do this and this and this
Your greatest accomplishment ::: passing my highschool exams :D
Something you want to do ::: travel the world

[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke ::: Coke
McDonald's or Burger Kings ::: mc donald's
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera ::: Christina Aguilera
Chocolate or vanilla ::: Vanilla
Adidas or Nike ::: Nike I think
Black or white ::: White
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) ::: why $$$
Burgers or hot dogs ::: Hot dogs
Egypt or France ::: France
Rock or rap ::: Rock

[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke ::: yep
Cuss ::: what is cuss
Sing well ::: No
Sing in the shower ::: No
Talk to yourself --a lot-- ::: inside myself :S
Believe in yourself ::: yep
Like taking these longass surveys? ::: Yeah
Play an instrument ::: I used to play the flute hehe
Want to go to college? ::: I am in college
Want to get married? ::: Maybe someday
Want to have children? ::: Yes since I like kids
Think you're a health freak? ::: No
Get along with your parents ::: Most of the time
Get along with your siblings? ::: Most of the time
Think you're popular ::: Nope

[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state ::: uhm well not out of the state but out of the provincie:p
Drank alchohal ::: not really......sometimes.... 1 in 3 months i think
Smoke ::: yes
Get high ::: no
Done any drugs ::: No
Eaten an entire box of oreos ::: Heck no lol
Been on stage ::: No
Gone skinny dipping ::: No
Been dumped ::: No
Dyed your hair ::: no
Stolen anything ::: no

[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest ::: people who names start with an S
Loudest ::: my other personality
Most shy ::: uhm I don't have shy friends
Blondest ::: Bitchy Laura (ex-friend)
Smartest ::: Bitchy Laura again :'(
Kindest ::: A lot of people
Best personality ::: Mieke, Leen
Most talented ::: Everyone has a talent
Best singer ::: I don't know
Most ghetto ::: Sammie
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) ::: Loesjah
Pain in the ass ::: Laura and Geke
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style))::: I dunno
Funniest ::: I think a lot of people
Best person for advice ::: Mieke, Len
Dependable ::: Mieke, leen
Trustworthy ::: Mieke, leen
Druggie ::: :D
Most likely to end up in jail ::: I have no idea
Person you've known the longest ::: Loesjah

[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]

Last dream ::: I woke up and I was too late for camp. And when I got to camp I did everything wrong and so....
Last nightmare ::: I got killed
Car ride ::: hmm I think it was yesterday
Last time you cried ::: Last wednesday when we found out our cat died
Last movie seen ::: Harry Potter 3
Last movie rented ::: I think Lord of the rings 1
Last book read ::: Harry Potter 5 for the 8th time
Last word said ::: G'night :P
Last curse word said ::: f**k
Last time you laugh ::: 4 minutes ago
Last phone call ::: yesterday evening
Last CD played ::: this morning...a mix of songs i like :D
Last song you listened to ::: that was era with mother
Last annoyance ::: my mom :P
Last IM ::: right now
Last weird encounter ::: dunno
Last person you hugged ::: my dad yesterday
Last person you yelled at ::: my mom this morning
Last time you wore a skirt ::: yesterday
Last time you've been evil ::: today :D
Sarcastic? ::: every now and then
Last time you fought with your parents ::: off we do everyday i think
Last time you wished upon a star ::: never
Played Truth or Dare ::: never did that
Spent quality time alone ::: at night

[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM ::: no don't have AI<
Do you feel lonely ::: Sometimes
Ever TP'd someone's house ::: whats that
How about egging someone's house ::: No
Do you not like dislike not like me? ::: uh....
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? ::: eminem is ok i don't listen to 50 cent....
Yo Momma ::: um.....
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? ::: lol NO, im alwats hungry but never that hungry
What do you think of George Bush? ::: I think he's stupid
Any secret fetishes? ::: oh sure enough :P ;)
Do you like to wear chains? O_o ::: sure :D
How many languages do you speak? ::: Dutch, English, I can understand german and speak and write it a bit, understand some French but don't speak it myself very well and some basic words in spanish :)
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! ::: no
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) ::: YES

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whats new

July 8th, 2004 (06:31 pm)

Gothiness: - 94%
Geekiness: - 68%
Punkiness: - 83%
Prepiness: - 95%
This QuickKwiz by Flippant - Taken 27929 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

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haha I found this one very funny

July 3rd, 2004 (07:22 pm)

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 23%
Kissing Skill Level - 98%
Cudding Skill Level - 36%
Sex Skill Level - 52%
Why They Love You You are too sexy for words.
Why They Hate You You kiss better than them.
This QuickKwiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 143241 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

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workshops and pan cakes

July 3rd, 2004 (04:43 pm)

Well Thursday my brother had his graduation ceremony thing... BUT I had to go to school for those workshops.

So that Thursday I woke up at 10 I think and then I went on the computer. Around 11:30 I'd to take a shower and my cousin would come over (so she could go with my mom to the ceremony thing) so locked the door again hoping she wouldn't come when I took the shower cuzz my brother was still in bed sleeping and I couldn't open the door. So I took a shower and when I came out of the bathroom my brother opened his bedroom door mumbling I had to open the door for my cousin... but since I wasn't dressed well he had to do it haha. So I got dressed and I went downstairs to say hello to my cousin and then I had an hour left before I had to take the bus. Then I got a call from a friend asking me if I could take the bus who was coming in 20 minutes. I wasn't thinking so I said yes ofcourse... I forgot I had to buy a buscard so I jumped on my bike and crossed to the postoffice and got me one..and then I went to the bus and relaxed. First we went shopping and watching new cell phones. Is saw a couple of nice ones :) and I got me a shirt which cost 30 euro's! It's a really neat orange shirt but I never buy me a 30 euro shirt again!! Ok then it started to rain and we decided to go to school.

When we got at school we heard we could watch them or we could ''do'' them like dancing, djembe, body painting etc.
So I got a lil angry cuzz I wanted to go home and watch my brother get his diploma. So we went to the mentor and I told her what was going on (again cuzz I already tried it a week before) and she said ok you 2 are the only ones who get the report card now but you have to find another way out of school cuzz I don't want more students coming to me now. So we got our report card... ran to the bus and we were lucky cuzz the times have changed so if we missed this one we had to wait an hour. But we got it and in the bus we read all the grades and half of the grades are missing :S

Anyways I got home and changed cloths and then we went to the graduation ceremony and I was glad when we got outside again. It was pretty boring. Me and my cousin were walking to the school and we got champagne :) After that glass I already felt dizzy and tired.. Not long after that we were going home and when we got home we had dinner and watched my brothers yearbook. My cousin and I played a couple of games: set and memory and my mom wanted to play along with memory but my cousin won!!!

And around midnight I went to bed.

So next morning

I woke up around 11:00AM and I went downstairs smoking. I asked my mom when my other 2 cousins and grands were coming but my mom didn't know. So I saw my cousin on msn and I asked her and she said around 3:00PM our grands would pick them up so they should be here around 4:00PM. I was chatting with a lot of people and around noon my brother and cousin woke up. What I did the hours between them waking up and 3:30PM is a lil unknown :P prolly chatten and chatten but then I don't know...
Anyways around 3:30AM I got dressed and then my cousin and grands came and we had a lot of fun..

Around 6:00PM we went on our way to the restaurant. We all wanted pan cakes so we got pan cakes :) It was really nice and we had a good time. We got a nice ice cream as well. I adore DAME BLANCHE :) lol. It just nice and yummie.

We got back around 9:00PM and they left around 9:15PM and then I was watching a German detective which was fun and then I went to bed :P

SOW that was my entrie for this week haha...

Next week Im gonna start working at the home for elderly people :)

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June 30th, 2004 (07:33 pm)

So I have nothing to do today.......made 5 entries haha....

Tomorrow, Im going to school for the last time this schoolyear :D We have to do some workshops...what it is I don't know...music, dancing...watergames...tattoos that sorta stuff...

And after that it's time for report cards and stuff like that....

And after that....I have HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so that was it for this moment........


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haha this one is so damn right :)

June 30th, 2004 (04:56 pm)

Sarah0170 is a restricted area. Authorised personel only


From Go-Quiz.com

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I didn't see it

June 30th, 2004 (04:45 pm)

Look out for the


From Go-Quiz.com


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